Society Is Brainwashed

Plans For The New World Order

secret societies, the Council On Foreign Relations, world governments, secret black projects and funding, classified advanced technologies, social media's impact and future direction are all revealed for their involvement in the esoteric machine known as The New World Order.

Sean makes a strong point calling for the average citizen to employ critical thinking and personal research into the way the reader accepts new information from every possible avenue of education. He calls for educational institutions, mass media and government to all be viewed with scrutiny and the reader is implored to do their own due diligence going forwards.. He intends to help arm the reader with information critical to helping everyone on the planet maintain their freedoms and liberties.

 Society Is Brainwashed, Plans Of The New World Order is an incredibly unique read and an absolute must have! 

If there was such a thing as a comprehensive guide to the plans the ruling elite held for the future of all humanity, this would be it. Sean Hetherington's Society Is Brainwashed Plans Of The New World Order, is a rare and detailed exposé on the secret plans and processes of the group commonly referred to as 'The New World Order'. The book is an absolute must for any informed person seeking information on the secret destiny of the world.

In this provocative and revealing book, Author Sean Hetherington answers the commonly asked questions; What is going on in the world today, why is it happening, who is directing things and what will the results be for all of mankind? Sean is able to distil these intricate and complicated issues and answers and provide the readers with never before heard explanations and details. From the Syrian Refugee crisis, to the ever growing impression artificial intelligence has on our modern lives and will continue to have on our lives going into the future, all is beautifully and precisely explained, documented and backed up with supporting information. The Illuminati's

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Letter From The Author

Dear Reader,

It's often quite challenging to find people in day to day life that will openly admit to believing conspiracies exist, but ask them about 911 and all of a sudden they're a believer.. Why is that?  Is it because we've been conditioned, is it easier to ignore obvious abuses of power then to attempt to do something about it? Most people want to live an easy life and coast under the radar, I am not one of them.

I began to be interested in conspiracies as a hobby when I was 16, I learnt about the American stealth bomber and how it had been developed and operated in secret for many years before finally becoming public knowledge. 


After learning about the Stealth Bomber I noticed the release and development of new technologies in the public domain had significantly slowed down, sure we got iPhones but it was all old technologies being released, just improved with higher definition screens and faster components. I started wondered, what else could world governments be hiding? So I began my research into all things hidden, government programs, secret technology, mystery religions, back room deals, ruling elite and international financiers. 

I had no idea the impact research into this topic would have on my life, I read everything I could get my hands on, libraries, book shops, dark websites, media releases and freedom of information and whistle blower file dumps where among the many resources I used to put together my own detailed and informed opinions on these subjects.

The book is an accumulation and distillation of all the information and conclusions I have acquired over my many years of  research, it's a guide and a warning to everyone about the authoritarian and Orwellian future the New World Order has planned and is building around us. We are at the very tail end of their plans, it may be impossible to avoid them. Regardless I feel it's important to do my bit and help spread the information necessary to help wake people up and get them motivated to take some personal responsibility in the world and drive them to go forwards and attempt to make it a better place for everyone. 


The discovery of truth is my passion, the hunt for answers is my hobby, I hope to be able to share some really significant information with you all.

Thank you for reading!

Warm regards,

Sean Hetherington

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